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The Perfect Gift

There was only one true Christian;
And they crucified Him.
- Oscar Wilde

How wonderful is that magnificent act of Christ's. The very act that permits me to write this!
The son of God; the King of kings; the Lord of lords. The very thing that he could have passed off, if he choose to.

Men rebelled against the creator who gave them life. Who made them what they are. Who gave them the power, to do what they chose. And men; blinded by their pride, their thirst for power, their hatred; chose to reject the very God whom they worshipped!

Even those who were with him deserted him at his most neediest hour. Lonely, despised, rejected, Christ suffered what each one of us should have. Instead he took upon himself the burden of the cross.

God's son, the Holy Prince; having power greater than anything on earth. Having authority incomparable, he showed a way that was different. There was something greater than pride; something greater than power. And that was love!

The perfect sacrifice! God chose to become man, so that we may be sons of God. He chose to show us his love, instead of his wrath. And he chose to give us life, not death.

Yes, the perfect sacrifice was the perfect gift too! The free gift of eternal life. What else can compare to this? And what has man done in return?

Are you willing to say a simple thank you, for the Perfect Gift?


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