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What's with the title?

That title may not appease everyone, but i mean it very well. How many of us have sat and thought whether Jesus dying on the cross was a blessing? Well I have.. And that's why I thank him.. Its hard to understand this logic.. but if Jesus had not shed his blood on the cross, none of us would have been here.. Who can say that they would have been saved without Christ's death? I'm sorry to say this, but none of us qualify.

We are all responsible for crucifying him. Each time we sin, remember the painful blows that he had to go through for that, remember the nails driving through his body, remember the blood gushing out. And yet, he loved us. Immeasureably!!!

Think about it. That's why even though i am guilty of crucifying him, i am thankful for him taking up the cross!! It's because he conquered sin and death, that i am able to write this blog. So thanks is not the right word. In fact, no word suits. I'm grateful; amazed at his love for us.... Words won't do justice.

That's why i've decided to live for him. What about you?


  1. your views are nice.
    Iam also a christian hailing from working in mumbai
    About me: a firm catholic

  2. I am very impressed with your web site. I too live in Utica. I like your reading list. "Tell me what you read and I can tell you who you are." Hope we meet someday. Utica is not all that big a place. ~Jim


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